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Dear friends,

Eight years ago we started a journey. After seeing our mother Paulette pass away from cancer caused by HPV, the causal agent of 5% of all cancers, we resolved to eradicate the virus via universal vaccination, and prevent needless suffering in the process.

This week, on the 5 year anniversary of our inaugural NOMAN is an Island: Race to End HPV, the UK Public Health Minister Steve Brine announced in Parliament that the government will introduce a nation-wide HPV vaccination program for adolescent boys. 

It is a massive milestone in our campaign and a huge win for cancer prevention advocates everywhere.

Following the advice of the JCVI, 400,000 UK previously-unprotected boys will now start receiving the same HPV vaccine that was previously provided only to girls. Thank you to all of our supporters, friends, donors who believed in us over the years and especially those NOMEN who bled, sweated, and battled mother nature to raise awareness about this obvious global inequity.

With over 20 countries now vaccinating both boys and girls against HPV, we have made incredible progress together in a short period of time. Seven years ago we successfully achieved the same result in the US, our first of many victories.

We’re not stopping here. We believe this event to be a major catalyst for other European countries such as Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain who are yet to adopt gender-neutral vaccination. If you want to help, we require contacts in local and regional media, government, medicine, or other relevant stakeholders, to accelerate the process. For the more adventurous, we’re on the hunt for NOMEN for next year’s Race to End HPV Barcelona-to-Ibiza race!

We’ll keep fighting until every boy and girl is protected against HPV, and the virus is eradicated once and for all. With your help, there is no doubt we will get there.

In Deepest Gratitude,

Justine, Tristan and Camille Almada


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