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Following 72 hours at sea, Teams Danielle and Isabel have landed in Ibiza at the culmination of a thrilling race across the Mediterranean. Just 80 minutes separated the two crews’ arrival in Ibiza after 3 days of racing but it was Danielle who triumphed following a powerful performance.

Friends and family, in addition to intrigued spectators on the Ibizan quayside, were on hand to welcome the teams, where they were happy to step back onto firm ground, albeit somewhat gingerly as they had to re-accustom themselves with life back on shore.

The past 3 days have provided a range of emotions for the crews: the highs of stunning sunsets, clear starlit skies, the visit of a dolphin and the euphoria of their arrival into Ibiza. Each NOMAN will take away a whole host of memories from the race.

There were also some darker moments as they endured saddles sores, huge waves, strong winds and perhaps some moments of self-doubt. But to be a NOMAN is to be made of sterner stuff. We’re incredibly privileged to have a group of individuals not only committed to our cause of ending 5% of cancers but to achieving their goals.

NOMEN we salute you!

Thank you to everyone who supported the NOMEN on their journey by following their progress as they rowed as well as by supporting their cause to end cancer!


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