Rob Wilkinson

Rob is a Director in London and is experienced seasman after nearly 20 years at sea as a Master Mariner. He's therefore probably the most paranoid about getting lost given his track record! He's relishing being part of a team of driven, fit, likeminded individuals working to end the 5% of cancers caused by HPV.

Dr Marcus Lehman

Marcus is a physician from Cincinnati, OH and is an experienced rower following 4 years as part of the Harvard heavyweight crew whilst at college. In addition he's taken on 2 x half ironman in addition to a stint on tv's Survivor: Gabon in 2008. In his work, Marcus regularly sees patients with HPV mediated cancers and he is keen to work to get preventable disease out of over-burdened healthcare systems. He believes his overnight work on call, and its unique stresses, will come in handy!

Mike Hinds

Mike is a senior strategist in the Commodities Research team at Goldman Sachs, based in New York. Mike joined Goldman Sachs ten years ago in London, starting his career in Emerging Markets Economics Research, before moving to New York in 2013. This will be Mike’s first time ocean rowing, but he is excited to meet the challenge and looking forward to doing his part to help end 5% of cancers.

Mark Willcox

A former energy broker for 21 years, Mark is now focused on his bridging loan business. He also has a very long relationship with this Island of Ibiza for 25 years.

Toby Sheppard

Toby is a gas trader based in Surrey and has some experience of rowing having completed 1 million metres on his ergo over the course of 2018! He's taken on various other endurance events such as swimming, running and triathlons but not of this scale. He's embracing the opportunity to raise awareness around HPV and hope's Mark's deep knowledge of Ibizan nightlife will ensure they celebrate well on arrival following the mental and physical challenges of the row!