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Thanks to our motivated sponsors and donors, NOMAN has already raised $3 million in its short history, and over 60 countries now vaccinate boys as well as girls against HPV. We greatly appreciate our partners’ support for eliminating 5% of cancers, and will not stop until all countries are protecting both sexes against this deadly virus.

As the foundation grows, we continue to identify key partnerships that match our race content with a variety of media opportunities. We offer bespoke partnership opportunities which are tailored to suit your business needs and range from corporate teams, shirt sponsorship, branded events and more. We are happy to discuss any potential ideas of how NOMAN can help your business achieve its goals.

Previous NOMAN participants have come from a range of backgrounds including CEOs, pilots, architects, brokers, investment managers and two Olympic Gold Medallists.  This is a fantastic opportunity to make new contacts, and discuss potential projects and collaborations in a dynamic sporting environment.


“Since we started working with the NOMAN is an Island campaign, there has been so much progress in introducing the HPV vaccine across the globe. This highlights the fantastic work that has been, and continues to be done, to help raise awareness about vaccinating both boys and girls against this virus, the causal agent of 5% of cancers. Although physically it was only a 5-man crew that took on the endurance race in the Barcelona – Ibiza row, mentally the whole of Monex Europe was behind the team every step of the way to support this great cause in terms of both public awareness and fundraising. Seeing the achievements the NOMAN campaign have made, Monex could not be prouder to have been part of their journey and hope to work with the charity again in the future. NOMAN illustrates that no-one can fight HPV-related cancers alone.”

Rowena Harris-Doughty, Head of Marketing, Monex Europe

NOMAN, through our parent The HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation, are also a partner of Work for Good, an online platform which makes it easy for businesses to give to us through the sales of goods and services. They will work with your business to embed giving to us in a structured, meaningful and visible way that is good for your business and our campaign. If you’re short of time this is also a really good way of supporting us by doing what you do best and no extra fundraising initiatives are needed! Please use our unique referral code when you register [QE273J7Y].

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