Ed Scrope

Ed is a Management Consultant, recently moved to London after 7 years in the British Army. He is really excited to be raising awareness for such a good cause, and one which is making so much progress. He has never towed across anything bigger than a pond but Jack and Tom assure him that it not too bad once you get into the swing of it. 

Tom Knowles

Tom is a Defence Training Consultant currently residing in London after 7 years in the British Army. He hasn’t touched an oar in over a decade and is somewhat of a last minute addition to the Team, however he is thoroughly looking forward to the challenge and raising the profile of such a worthwhile cause. 

NOMAN is an Island: Race to END HPV is a program of the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation, a registered charity in England and Wales (1147457) and a 501(C)(3) charity in the USA (27-3217520).

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