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Anita Jones

Anita from Brighton on the South Coast is a Fascial Stretch Therapists and is passionate about keeping athletes injury free and performing at their best.

She loves the mental strength side of endurance challenges. A keen triathlete and cyclist, she’s completed the Mallorca 312, the Vatternrunden and Ironman World Championships in Hawaii to name a few. She has dabbled with coastal rowing and done some indoor rowing but ocean rowing is definitely far outside of her comfort zone.

Excited to start her training for the Ibiza to Barcelona race her favourite tune to erg to right now is The Black Eyed Peas – Let’s Get It Started.

She will miss a barista made coffee when she’s on the boat but that will serve as motivation to get to Barcelona where the coffee is good!


Fiona James

Fiona lives in Hove and works part time as a massage therapist and also helping a friend run her business. She dabbled in rowing while living in Peterborough about 30 years ago in a coxless pair, but hasn’t rowed on the water since. She is a retired triathlete, but likes to keep fit running, cycling and erging. While on the rowing machine ZZTop is usually blasting out by way of distraction. She will be celebrating a big birthday when they land in Barcelona (a few weeks early) and will miss her breakfast of toast with Skippy peanut butter while on the boat!


Miles Jamie

Miles lives in Hove and is a student studying A levels.  He has done a few challenges over the years and this is the next step up. Having decided to do this row, he has recently joined the local rowing club and is learning how to scull. Whilst putting in time on the rowing machine, his music of choice is Mac Miller. He is looking forward to this test of fitness and mental strength, but has no idea how he will survive without bacon butties while on the boat.


Chris Williams

Hometown: Brighton
Job: Co-founder of Momentum4, People Performance – Business Growth Consultancy
Food you´ll miss the most whilst at sea: Fish & chips
Guilty music choose when training:  Anything by the Jam, the Clash or Kylie
Have you rowed before: No
Hobbies / interests: Adventure sports, rugby,  guitar, beer and running around after the 5 women in my life…Lara (wife), Chloe & Grace (daughters), Poppy & Summer (dogs)


Lara Williams

Hometown: Brighton
Job: Co-founder of Momentum4, People Performance – Business Growth Consultancy
Meal/Food you´ll miss the most whilst at sea: Crispy fresh calamari with a cold glass of white wine.
Guilty music choose when training / rowing: Anything that I can sing along to.
Have you rowed before: No
Hobbies / interests: 2 daughters & 2 Hungarian Vizsla’s keep Lara busy when she’s not running, biking, swimming or generally socialising with friends.  Oh and CAKE!!

Lara exudes energy and a passion for the outdoors. Whether it be, running 100k in ‘Race to the Stones’, biking from ‘London to Paris’ or the ‘Vichy 2016 Ironman’, she loves to challenge both her body and mind.

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