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The BARCELONA – IBIZA and IBIZA – BARCELONA races are NOMAN’s exclusive ocean rowing races which since 2013 have pitted teams of amateur rowers against one another in a 3-day race across the Mediterranean.

Never rowed before? No problem. NOMAN offer a proven professional and premium event experience from start to finish, with training tailored to individual abilities and conducted by ocean rowing experts to prepare you fully for the challenge ahead. What’s more the logistics are all taken care of – ocean rowing boats, equipment, communications and safety devices, and even crew members, making your experience as smooth and painless as possible.

Rowing across an ocean is like no other sport. It is as much about the crews’ ability to cope mentally, as it is about technique and physical strength. We are here to help you perform to your fullest ability.


These are the world’s premier ocean rowing races with all the training tailored to individual abilities and conducted by expert ocean rowers. Since 2013, our events have featured crews from Goldman Sachs, TP ICAP, Tradition, Corona, Peakside Capital and Monex Europe; Olympic gold medallists Mark Hunter, Alex Gregory, and Will Satch; in addition to students, teachers and doctors, battle it out on the waves to be crowned champions of the Mediterranean.

No prior ocean rowing or rowing experience required. Participants can sign up individually, as a full crew of 5, or anywhere in between.



Entry fee: £500 per person

Minimum Fundraising Target: £10,000 per person

12 - 20 July, 2025


Entry fee: £400 per person

Minimum Fundraising Target: £5,000 per person

19 - 26 July, 2025


The following is not included in the price:

  • Flights to/from Spain at the start/finish of the race.

  • Accommodation and meals onshore prior to/after the race

  • Accommodation, travel to/from, and meals during the training sessions in the UK

  • Ibiza – Barcelona leg participants would also need to cover the costs of RYA qualifications


The NOMEN will be taking on the Mediterranean in 24-foot ocean rowing boats designed by Justin Adkin. The boats are designed to self-right if they capsize and to withstand the worst weather that the ocean can throw at them. Each boat has 2 water tight cabins on each end with the rowing cockpit in the middle.  Crew can rest in the cabins at the stern and bow while they are not rowing. Solar panels placed over each of the cabins power the onboard navigation system and the onboard watermaker converts sea water into drinking water. 

Your safety is of paramount importance to us. To that effect, crews are followed by a support vessel throughout.

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People are surprised when they learn that the majority of participants who take part in our Mediterranean races had no rowing experience before deciding to row an ocean. The boats are far more stable and technique is less important than for crew boats which are much thinner. Anyone can jump in and row and ocean rowing boat, but naturally those with better technique or who are stronger will make the boat go faster. Nonetheless, rowing for days on end takes determination and the ability to look after yourself during your time on the water.

Each member of each crew will be completing the following courses:

RYA Marine Radio SRC Course and Exam

Basics of radio operation, frequencies, distress, emergency and medical assistance procedures, making ship to shore telephone calls, Digital Selective Calling, Global Maritime Distress Safety System

RYA First Aid Course

A one-day course covers all the usual first aid subjects, but from a nautical perspective. It is aimed at anyone who goes afloat, whether on inland waters, rivers, estuaries or on cross channel passages


RYA Sea Survival

Liferafts and the equipment they contain, survival techniques, lifejackets, medical aspects of sea survival, search and rescue techniques

RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship Course

An introduction to navigation and safety covering Charts and Publications, safety, engine checks, buoyage, tidal awareness, visual and electronic navigation, pilotage, rules of the road, anchoring, weather forecasts, passage planning

In addition, participants will be invited to:

A training session in the ‘tank’ at London docklands to work on rowing technique

Sea Trials weekend in the ocean rowing boats on the South Coast which includes an overnight row.




NOMAN is more than a race, it’s a call to action. 


HPV is the causal agent of 5% of cancers. Cancers which can be prevented by vaccinating both boys and girls against this devastating virus. NOMAN challenges participants to row the Mediterranean in order to spread the message about HPV, and to support the charity’s education and advocacy programmes to ensure that both boys and girls are protected against HPV.


Our ultimate goal as a charity is to become obsolete. We can realise that goal once every country around the world is protecting both its sons and daughters against HPV.

In 2013 the Barcelona-Ibiza: Row to End HPV was NOMAN’s inaugural rowing challenge and an outstanding success, raising over $1 million and attaining press on an international scale. This was the beginning of the NOMAN Mediterranean races which have continued to grow and expand, now consisting of 2 separate legs: Barcelona to Ibiza and Ibiza to Barcelona - with 12 crews taking on these races in the most recent edition.


Throughout the years, our rowers have faced the blistering sun, combated fierce winds and rising sea swells, and beaten fatigue and sea sickness. All in the name of preventing 5% of cancer.

Join us and take on the adventure of a lifetime.




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