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Owing to the mandated PCR tests for our non-vaccinated participants the start time was pushed back slightly so it wasn’t until 10:41 that the crews lined up outside the W Hotel, Barcelona. The onshore breeze had already started to build pushing the crews back from the start line and setting the tone for the next few hours.

Team Jamison took an early lead and were pushing well into the building wind which threatened their ability to make any forward progress at times. Team ROWBOTS were slightly slower out of the gate but nevertheless forged onwards past the entrances to one of the Europe’s busiest ports and out into the Mediterranean.

We brief our crews about the importance of good communication as it helps our support team prioritise those in greatest need. We were informed by Team ROWBOTS that Mark was not feeling well and had been sea sick. The crew were very aware of the risk of dehydration which the fierce sun presented and were concerned for their colleague. To add to that the two doctors onboard were also concerned that Mark was showing symptoms of not just sea sickness but also of some other stomach bug or virus. As the day went on the concern by the two doctors onboard for their fellow oarsman had reached the point where they felt it was best for Mark if he was to get off. Shortly afterwards the support yacht was on scene and extracting Mark from the boat before taking him back to shore where David Winterflood from NOMAN was able to meet him.

We’re happy to say that Mark is recovering very quickly and is aiming to fly out to Ibiza to welcome the crew back to land.

Meanwhile, Team Jamison really took the bit between their teeth last night and took the opportunity of the cooler weather and the lighter winds to press on harder. They reported that “Everyone’s really well and feeling good …Tough afternoon into that wind and sea but going to push on now.” As if lighter winds and calmer seas were not enough as night fell the crew had met up with a pod of dolphins! 🐬

Team Jamison are making exceptional progress and despite the return of headwinds today they are forecast to be lighter than yesterday so we can expect better speeds!!


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