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After a race full of drama, it is Monex Europe who have triumphed in the 2019 edition of NOMAN's Barcelona - Ibiza ocean rowing race.

As the race entered it's final stages, ION Energy went on the attack in a bid to create a lead large enough to secure overall victory, in lieu of their 10nm time penalty. Slowly but surely they began to pull away in a magnificent show of fortitude and strength of reserve following 2 days racing, to open a gap on their rivals in the Monex boat. Their efforts however just came short. Monex maintained their own blistering pace to remain in touch and snatch the overall victory. With it, the new course record for NOMAN's Barcelona - Ibiza race.

In the battle for third place, Peakside Capital and Corona had exchanged places several times with the stage set for a thrilling final day's racing. It was Peakside however who struck the winning blow, taking advantage of the cooler night time conditions on Tuesday evening to accelerate, and navigating beautifully around the Ibizan coastline on Wednesday to take 3rd place away from their rivals.

GS Gives and Courchevel Prestige Chalets remained on the water as the race passed into the early hours of Thursday morning and in many regards, the fortitude displayed by both crews in combatting 3rd night on the waves is of commendation. Despite arriving in the early hours, the bond made by the GS Gives crew was evident in the spirit and camaraderie shown by the crew on arrival, having been strangers only a few weeks earlier.

The biggest cheers of all were rightly reserved for Team Courchevel Prestige Chalets as raucous friends, family and 'rival' crews cheered them to the marina on Thursday afternoon. Age really is merely a number when one sets your mind to a challenge, and the doggedness and determination displayed by these 4 men, (operating with 1 crew member less than the other 5 boats) is of inspiration to us all.

Ultimately, regardless of placements all NOMEN can be proud of completing this challenge from start to finish amidst a searing heatwave on the continent. We are honoured by their sacrifice and energy in preparing and training for the race, and in the name of preventing 5% of cancer.

Please stay tuned for more photos and content of the race in due course.


1. Team Monex Europe - 54h 30 minutes

2. Team ION Energy - 55h 29 minutes (including 3h30 penalty)

3. Team Peakside Capital - 58h 19 minutes

4. Team Corona - 63h 03 minutes

5. Team GS Gives - 66h 16 minutes

6. Team Courchevel Prestige Chalets - 76h 19 minutes


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