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Following their departure from Barcelona, our crews have made strong progress in the first 30 hours of the race.

After the sun went down last night the head wind subsided and the sea state softened providing the crews with a calmer sea to row through their first night. However, as the sun rose on Thursday morning the crews faced the greatest challenge faced by any NOMAN team: headwinds have been pushing from the South and South East at between 10 and 15 knots for the whole day.

After falling behind, the decision was made to bring Teams Tradition and TP ICAP back to the main body of crews under tow as a result of the tricky conditions. Once back in the pack, the crews will recommence rowing towards Ibiza.

Only in the early hours of Friday are the headwinds predicted to decrease — making this a really challenging 24 hour period for the crews. Those who can hold their course and continue to make a few miles south may eventually be rewarded with some lighter weather in the wind shadow generated by the island of Mallorca but they’ll need to get within a range of at least 50 nautical miles to be able to benefit.

Could this be the toughest NOMAN race to date? Only time will tell but one thing is for certain: the Barcelona – Ibiza race is far from easy and our NOMEN are illustrating incredible mental and physical grit as they race to end cancer.


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