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With your support and that of family and friends, the NOMAN Barcelona-Ibiza Race to End 5% of Cancer 2017 got underway at 9.08AM CET.

The early rain of the morning cleared away as the crews took to the water leaving the rowers with cool temperatures to start their journey after a few hot days of weather. Departing from the start line opposite the glass facade of the W Hotel, Barcelona, the crews initially track on a south westerly course before turning southwards away from the coastline, across the open Mediterranean to Ibiza, 200 miles away.

The winds this morning were a moderate 10-15kt breeze from the crews’ port aft quarter and combined with a choppy swell left over from the last couple of days of stronger winds. The generally favorable wind conditions are expected to continue until Thursday morning when a headwind will begin to develop and strengthen throughout the day before decreasing early on Friday. However, weather conditions do change and the support team for the challenge will keep a very close eye on any changes in the conditions.

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