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Ride for Team NOMAN in the Haute Route Watopia 2021 and live a virtual experience of a lifetime. It is the first and only online 3-day race organized by Haute Route and Zwift.  NOMAN is an Island: Race to End HPV is the official charity partner of Haute Route Watopia.

DATES: Friday 26.02 - Sunday 28.02


Please consider making a donation of £20/ €20 here to help prevent 5% of cancers.


Sign up here to enter Haute Route Watopia (registration will open on the 20th of Feb).

3. RIDE!

Get on your bike! And if you have friends who might fancy the challenge too get them involved!














STAGE 1 – Mega Pretzel,  Friday, February 26

Distance: Approx 51 km (Note: this is a custom distance route)
Elevation Gain: Approx 800m

When it first hit the Zwift universe, this route was the longest on the game and remains a fan favourite to this day. Starting from the Volcano land bridge, the route includes the Epic KOM (reverse), Watopia Hilly KOM (forward) and a finish at the top of the Volcano Climb. This special course has been adapted for the Haute Route Watopia, and does not include a second ascent of the Epic KOM.

STAGE 2 – The Pretzel, Saturday, February 27

Distance: Approx 53km (Note: this is a custom distance route)
Elevation Gain: Approx 1300m

Including the Epic KOM with Radio Tower (forward), Watopia Hilly KOM (forward), Watopia Hilly KOM (reverse), and a thrilling finish at the top of Epic KOM reverse, this route packs a serious punch. The distance is ‘custom’ because it ends at the Epic KOM reverse and does not descend the climb to finish in downtown Watopia.

STAGE 3 – Quatch Quest, Sunday, February 28

Distance: 45.9km
Elevation Gain: 1683m

Including the Titan’s Grove KOM, Epic KOM, and a finish at the top of Alpe du Zwift, this final stage of the 2021 Haute Route Watopia will leave you breathless.


From the basics to mastering Zwift's most advanced features, there are Zwift's support features to help you get the most out of the experience. Zwift's extensive library of how-to videos and articles will get you up and Zwifting in notime.


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