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2019: In Review

Above: countries vaccinating both boys and girls against HPV

2019 was a year of incredible progress as the importance of vaccinating both boys and girls against HPV continues to spread. Our largest fleet of NOMEN took to the waves to end HPV. For the first time ever, boys in the UK began to receive the HPV vaccination following our 5-year advocacy campaign. We will not stop until every country is protecting all children against HPV.

Thanks to you, our supporters, for helping us in our mission to prevent 5% of cancer.

Boys begin HPV vaccinations in the UK

Since the introduction of the HPV vaccination to the UK in 2008, only girls have been able to receive this life-saving health intervention while boys have generally been excluded. Fast forward to September 2019. For the first time, 12 - 13 year old boys joined their female peers in receiving this cancer-preventing vaccine. This was the result of a hard-fought campaign by NOMAN and the HPV Action coalition to secure “jabs for the boys.” It brings the UK in line with 38 other countries around the world who protect both sexes against this devastating virus. Coverage for our campaign has been impressive with NOMAN appearing on BBC and Sky News as well as national and regional radio.

Leading action in the US

Boys have been vaccinated alongside girls in the US since 2011 yet vaccination rates remain low with just 40% of girls and 41% of boys completing vaccinations by the recommended age. NOMAN works with think tanks and public health agencies to increase HPV education and vaccine uptake through coalition-building, public education, and public health policy change. Demonstrating a milestone in our work to eradicate the stigma and prevalence of this virus, a highlight of 2019 was the first congressional briefing on Capitol Hill about the cancers caused by HPV. The Foundation is considered a leader in the field for its work and was honoured to receive national recognition with an award from the American Cancer Society’s National HPV Vaccination Roundtable.

Taking the “Jabs for the Boys” campaign to Europe

We are proud to be a founding partner of the effort to prevent HPV cancers in Europe. “Mission Possible: Eliminating cancers caused by HPV as a public health problem in Europe,” hosted by Professor Veronique Trillet-Lenoir MEP at the European Parliament in Brussels, launched in December with key recommendations for combating HPV-caused cancers. HPV causes 90,000 cancers annually in the World Health Organisation European region. Yet only 11 European countries offer HPV vaccination to both boys and girls. We are delighted to partner with the European CanCer Organisation to launch this European initiative. It will focus on vaccination, screening, treatment, and research needs to end the suffering caused by this virus.

Largest ever NOMAN races

NOMAN’s ocean rowing races continue to grow with a record 12 crews taking on our Barcelona-Ibiza ocean rowing races in 2019! They raised an astonishing $700,000 in addition to spreading the word to their communities about the connection between HPV and cancer. This year also saw the return of NOMAN to the most imposing climbs in Europe as the first charity partner of the Haute Route: Stelvio. A team of riders took on the unrelenting mountains of this beautiful corner of Italy. 2020 will see an expansion of cycling in our race calendar. We are greatly indebted to all our athletes for their sacrifice and energy as NOMEN. Thank you!

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