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Scotland: No cervical cancer cases detected in vaccinated women following HPV immunisation

HPV vaccinations are saving lives.

In 2021, we reported that the HPV vaccination programme in England had reduced rates of cervical cancer in England by nearly 90% in the first cohort of women to receive the HPV vaccine in 2008.

We are thrilled to inform you that another study from the United Kingdom, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, has provided further indication of the effectiveness of the HPV vaccine, especially when high vaccination rates exist within a population.

A study by Public Health Scotland, supported by the Universities of Strathclyde and Edinburgh, reported that no cervical cancer cases have been detected in fully vaccinated women following the HPV vaccination at age 12-13 since the programme started in Scotland in 2008.

HPV vaccines are safe and highly effective. As a virus responsible for 5% of all cancers, we will reduce rates of all HPV cancers, in both males and females, through increased gender neutral HPV immunisation coverage.

We are working hard to make this a reality in the United Kingdom as co-chairs of the HPV Coalition. Last May we published a Roadmap towards making the elimination of all HPV-related cancers a reality across the UK, establishing the essential milestones and building blocks to achieve the elimination of all HPV cancers as a public health threat - starting with cervical cancer.

But our efforts are not limited to the United Kingdom. In Europe, our collaboration with the European Cancer Organisation (ECO) through the HPV Action Network is spearheading a burgeoning initiative in Europe to eliminate HPV-related cancers, and our advocacy globally continues in 2024, as we will publish our evidence-based case for action on the importance of gender-neutral HPV vaccination as HPV vaccine supplies increases, and calls continue for the inclusion of boys into HPV immunisation programmes on gender-equality and vaccine equity grounds.

Thank you for your belief in our mission as we work to increase HPV prevention across the globe and for standing with us to create a future without HPV cancer.


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