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HPV Vaccine cuts cervical cancer by 87%

Dear Friends,

We are delighted to report news of another breakthrough in the fight against HPV cancers.

A study published last night in the Lancet shows that the HPV vaccination programme in England "has successfully almost eliminated cervical cancer in women born since September 1, 1995."

Rates of cervical cancer were nearly 90% lower in women offered vaccination against human papillomavirus than in previous generations. Amongst the cohort of girls who were offered the HPV vaccine at 12/13 years old in 2008, there were only five cervical cancer cases.

HPV vaccines are our greatest opportunity to prevent cancer in decades. As the causal agent of 5% of all cancers, we can expect to see rates of all HPV cancers reduce significantly over the coming years with increased vaccination.

Due to the advocacy of the NOMAN Campaign, boys as well as girls in the United Kingdom have been offered the vaccine since 2019. However, there remains a cohort of boys older than 13 who do not have access. As written today in the Daily Mail, we continue to urge the government to reconsider this position especially in light of today's news and take the steps to accelerate the end of the suffering caused by HPV for all children.

Thank you for your belief in our mission and for standing with us to create a future without cancer.


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