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Yesterday saw the second day of NOMAN's Barcelona - Ibiza race heat up into a battle royale. With the continuing light winds, crews were able to take advantage of the calm sea state which continued to offer the crews conditions more frequently witnessed at your local boating lake rather than on the Mediterranean.

ION Energy started to gradually eek out a small advantage over Team Monex whilst slightly further back in the fleet Team Corona and Team Peakside must have been able to wave at each other throughout the majority of the day. Team GS Gives in fifth started a push to get back in contact with the battle for 3rd and Team Courchevel Prestige have been performing extraordinarily showing that age is purely a state of mind. Their determination and level headed approach to the race has really impressed the support team.

The unprecedented speeds demonstrated by all crews yesterday forced the support team to ramp up arrival plans in Ibiza. For a period predicted arrival times were set to break existing records by up to a day...however. Mother Nature often takes with one hand whilst giving with the other, and after gifting the crews flat conditions for two days, she has set to readdress the balance. As Wednesday arrived so did a breeze together with some waves. This wind from the east is not too strong at present and has died off for the moment but is expected to increase as the crews approach Ibiza.

When combined with the heat, blisters, sleep deprivation, fatigue and sea sickness it's understandable that the pace has decreased slightly. Although as the crews start to sight the white isle on the horizon their spirits will be lifted by the thought of a chair which doesn't move, and a meal which is not prepared in a bag, and we expect to see an increase in their speed.

Despite receiving a 10nm penalty from the Race Committee for cutting the corner of the course earlier in the race, Team ION Energy set to bring the conclusion of the Barcelona - Ibiza race to a tantalising conclusion as they push as hard as they can to extend their slender lead over Team Monex to one of more than 10nm at the finish line and take 1st place in this year's event. Do they still have the strength in their bodies to pull away even more from 2nd place or have they already expended all their energy overnight in their efforts to take the lead? Meanwhile we know Team Monex won't go down without a fight. Have they simply been keeping their powder dry and holding back, ready to accelerate as the race enters it's third and final day?

If you are wishing to meet the crews for their arrival in Santa Eularia des Riu, Ibiza please contact us at


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