Updated: May 15, 2019

After an incredibly tough night, strong headwinds have forced Teams GS Gives and BA to join TP ICAP and Tradition in being taken under tow by the support yacht, Rozamar.

After two days and nights of battling the elements and a relentless and unseasonal headwind, the crews are now resting. All crew members are healthy with only a couple of individuals affected by sea sickness and minor dehydration. They are however, exhausted.

At present, plans are afoot for a shorter stage race near the island should conditions become more favourable. We will update more on this via our social media platforms and the website once we have more details.

Finally on the tracker you will have seen that GS Gives is still showing as being behind the others. This is simply because of what we expect is either a malfunctioning tracking unit or that the batteries on the unit require charging. We are working to rectify this as soon as possible.


Due to the conditions there has now been a slight change to the finishing point of the Barcelona – Ibiza race.

The crews will now be arriving into Port de Santa Eulalia in Santa Eularia des Riu, at the earliest 10.00AM. This is approximately a 20-25 min taxi from Port Ibiza.

NOMAN is an Island: Race to END HPV is a program of the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation, a registered charity in England and Wales (1147457) and a 501(C)(3) charity in the USA (27-3217520).

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