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As the clock ticks down to our NOMAN races, our participants have been getting to grips with the various training qualifications needed to take part in our Barcelona – Ibiza races this Summer.

Safety of our race entrants is our primary concern. The best way to cope with an emergency is to avoid being in one in the first place through thorough preparation and planning. However, accidents can happen and so we ensure that each crew member is trained so that they are fully prepared in the case of an emergency.

For NOMAN’s races our rules stipulate that each participant must ensure that they are prepared for everything life on the ocean can throw at them. That’s why all participants must attain the following qualifications:

RYA VHF Radio course – Correct use of VHF radio

RYA First Aid at Sea – First aid to take care of knocks and bumps at sea

RYA Sea Survival – Detailed knowledge and practical competence in sea survival techniques and equipment.

RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship – Teaching you about boat handling and navigation


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