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Watch the highlights of Day 3 here

The inaugural Trois Etapes Giro has been won by dZi Foundation after a strong tactical performance on Stage 3 [Monday 9th June 2014].

They edged out Team NOMAN, who led during Stages 1 and 2. The last stage’s results were calculated from an average of eight riders from each team, with double points being awarded on the final climb of the event. dZi were ahead of NOMAN by just 13 seconds on today’s stage.

dZi Foundation completed the event in 04:49:37, with NOMAN just ahead on time in 04:46:39, but with bonus points available, dZi Foundation were awarded 42 General Classification points, with NOMAN accumulating 40 points.

The final day of the Trois Etapes Giro was scheduled to be the ultimate test for the riders and their tired legs, and so it proved.

The day began with the route starting out from race home in Camprile di Alleghe, dropping down the valley towards the settlement of Agordo. The parcours then took in a testing small climb up to Forcella Aurine before looping back to the start point and then on to the Marmolada, or Passo Fedaia as it is also known.

The Passo Fedaia represented a unique chance to ride through such a spectacular and mystical road. The route is particularly notable for its less-than-well-travelled roads – mostly unknown to outsiders – yet, once through, the final ascent of the Marmolada began in earnest as the final punishment of the day and whole event.

Its demanding gradients were particularly challenging to those who were already exhausted from the previous two days – reducing some to simply target finishing the stage by summiting this final climb. Even for a seasoned climber it proved a true test of physical and mental skill, yet the top brought solace for everyone – the only mountain top finish of the Trois Etapes Giro bringing a spectacular end to the inaugural running of the event.

The dZi Foundation partners with underserved communities in remote regions of the Himalayas to build sustainable locally-driven programs that improve quality of life through advancing education and health while reducing poverty.

The dZi Foundation is grounded in the belief that the communities themselves know best regarding what they truly need. Their role is both teacher and student. As teacher, they utilize their resources to train and mobilise communities to achieve their goals and dreams. As students, they learn from every project and initiative, and make an honest appraisal of how dZi performed, how the communities benefited, and how they can be a better partner. Without the “honest reflection” they champion, they would run the risk of becoming a top-down organization versus where they feel the greatest impact is made—from the bottom-up.

The Trois Etapes Pro-Am Cycle Series – consisting of Trois Etapes Giro and Trois Etapes Tour – is organised by Cosaveli. The series provides a fantastic fundraising platform for charity partners and in just two years has seen an incredible $4.5 million raised for worthwhile causes.

The events are designed to give riders the chance to truly experience team cycling under race conditions, with the full support that a pro would have in a Grand Tour. The Trois Etapes incentivises tactical team riding – each team has its own team car and Directeur Sportif, and every rider has a radio link with their team car and the Race Director.


dZi Foundation 42 points NOMAN 40 points Kids Company 26 points World Bicycle Relief 12 points


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