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Eliminating HPV-related cancers in Europe

On 10th December 2019, NOMAN were in Brussels at the European Parliament with high level cancer experts from across Europe, hosted by Professor Veronique Trillet-Lenoir MEP and co-chair of the MEPs Against Cancer Group. Our purpose, to launch the European CanCer Organisation’s (ECCO) Case for Action: ‘Eliminating HPV-Caused Cancers & Diseases in Europe'.

The HPV-related cancer burden in Europe is a very live issue. HPV is the causal agent of 5% of cancer, and nearly everyone will come into contact with the virus at some stage in their lives. In the 31 EU countries, HPV is responsible for 53,000 new cases of cancer. Across the wider WHO European region that figure increases to nearly 90,000 new cases of cancer.

There is a clear case for vaccinating both boys and girls against HPV, and this intervention is a safe and effective means to prevent the suffering caused by this virus. A large-scale study in Scotland found that women born in 1995 and 1996 had an almost 90% reduction in the highest-risk cervical pre-cancers (CIN grade 3 or worse), an almost equivalent reduction in CIN grade 2 or worse and a near-80% reduction in CIN grade 1.

11 countries in the EU now vaccinate both sexes against HPV, however vaccination rates remain low in some countries and require improvement. Equally whilst cervical cancer screening is provided in most EU countries, many do not offer HPV testing, which is now recognised to be the most effective screening method. In addition, screening rates vary widely across Europe, as do treatment outcomes.

Eliminating HPV-related diseases in Europe is an achievable goal and NOMAN are delighted to partner with European CanCer Organisation (ECCO) as part of the HPV Action Network to call for urgent evidence-based action to eliminate cancers and diseases caused by HPV, by the EU and all governments throughout the WHO European region.

Targets include:

- By 2025, all European country cancer plans should include actions towards achieving population-based gender-neutral HPV vaccination, if not already in place.

- By 2030, gender-neutral vaccination programmes against the HPV infection should be in place in all European countries.

- The target vaccination rate by 2030 in all European countries should be at least 90% of adolescents for both genders.

- By 2030, at least 70% of women in Europe should have been screened for cervical cancer with an appropriate high precision HPV test within the last 5 years.

Only by working together across nations and institutions can we end the suffering caused by human papillomavirus. We’re delighted to be partnering with motivated stakeholders from across a broad array of health organisations in order to achieve these goals.

Thank you to our supporters for your belief in our mission to end the suffering caused by HPV.

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