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EU Parliament approves Beating Cancer strategy

Last week the 🇪🇺 European Parliament voted in overwhelming numbers to endorse the report of its Special Committee on Beating Cancer. This carries weight as representing the consensus position of the EU’s elected representatives on a wide range of cancer policy actions to strengthen Europe in the fight against cancer.

Within its resolutions on cancer prevention, the European Parliament:

👉Encourages the Commission and the Member States to achieve the UN SDGs that target communicable diseases in order to promote the prevention of cancers related to infectious diseases; welcomes vaccination programmes in the fight against HPV transmission;

👉Insists that a gender-neutral and publicly-financed HPV vaccination programme be implemented in the Member States in order to ensure the elimination of all HPV-related cancers, and calls for 90 % of girls to be fully vaccinated, and for a significant increase in the vaccination of boys, with the HPV vaccine by the age of 15 by 2030;

👉Urges that progress towards the goals of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan on HPV vaccination be reported in the Cancer Inequalities Registry.

Working with the HPV Action Network we will strive to ensure that EC and EU members implement these actions, identify states that have fallen behind, and build on the growing momentum of energy behind the campaign to eliminate HPV cancers

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