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Overcast skies obscured views over Barcelona, no doubt befitting for NOMAN as they head into the unknown on their epic 200 mile row across the Mediterranean.

Fortunately this being Spain in July the gloom lifted mid-morning enabling the participants to get familiar with their respective vessels, Isabel and Danielle, amidst blazing sunshine; more of the same forecasted for the duration of the race beginning on Monday. Exiting the Port Olimpic (which hosted the sailing back in the 1992 Olympics), the boats made their way out into the Mediterranean allowing them a taster of the sea conditions to come, although they’ll be leaving the backdrop of the W Hotel and the Catalan coast behind them as they set course for the White Isle of Ibiza in just 2 days time.

For now it’s a case of stowing away supplies on the vessels, and informal team bonding ahead of further practice tomorrow.


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