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Being the second year NOMAN has competed in the Trois Etapes Giro and missing out on victory by 13 seconds, this year we wanted to make sure our preparation was flawless and we arrive at the Giro in peak physical form, so to get us into race mode, we signed up for the 3 day Tour of Wessex in Somerset, regarded as one of the toughest sportives in the UK which hosts a plethora of short but steep climbs (25% in some places).

The Tour of Wessex is tough, but the journey to get down there from London on a bank holiday weekend was equally formidable and after becoming geographically embarrassed on our last training weekend away in Hampshire. JT took the reins and deployed the latest navigation app ‘Ways’ which took us on a controversial route via Somerset but we arrived unharmed 5 hours later and in the team debrief it’s performance was given the thumbs up.

The Tour itself was a great success for the team, riding over 350 KMs together through some stunning scenery and great weather, culminating in a very competitive finish for the team with 2 of our riders in the top 10 on stage 3, and some team members with a greater understanding of a bike’s mechanics!


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