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UK: JCVI advises move to one-dose HPV vaccination

This week the JCVI advised the UK to move from a two to a one-dose HPV vaccination schedule.

During the consultation process earlier in 2021, NOMAN submitted testimony urging caution and the need to await further evidence before changing the vaccination schedule for children.

In NOMAN’s view, the existing evidence is insufficient to answer the question whether one dose confers long-term protection against HPV. Ongoing studies are actively researching this question and we encouraged the JCVI to wait until the publication of results. You can read our full testimony here.

We continue to support the need for more evidence and careful monitoring as this decision will affect the rates of men and women with cancer and precancer for decades to come.

Should UKHSA implement, as expected, JCVI’s recommendation, we strongly urge UKHSA to create a comprehensive public plan to monitor the one-dose vaccination regime for all males and females.

The plan must monitor any increases in HPV incidence and immune response, measure the effectiveness of protection against malignancies over time, and have the flexibility to implement boosters should HPV cancer and precancer incidence increase.

We additionally urge UKHSA to ensure that, as recommended by JCVI, ‘resources freed up due to the reduction in vaccination sessions should be re-directed to interventions that strengthen programme delivery, increase coverage rates and reduce inequalities.’

This decision will have global ramifications. NOMAN will fight to protect both boys and girls against HPV by making the vaccination available to all children in countries that move to one-dose schedules. NOMAN will continue to work to ensure that young people in the UK and around the world are fully protected against HPV.

You can read the JCVI guidance here.

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