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Team NOMAN took the final GC of the Trois Etapes Giro 2015, as all 8 NOMEN put in strong performances on the Passo Giau to secure victory!

An early neutral ride above Caprile enabled the riders the perquisite warm up ahead of the final key stage, in addition to affording the riders a spectacular panorama of their surroundings.

From here, it was crunch time for the final climb of the Trois Etapes: The Passo Giau. With an average gradient of 10% or higher up the 10km route to summit, and the mercury topping 86 degrees Fahrenheit, this was going to be tough.

Yet again, NOMAN’s tactics were the correct ones. Starting slow and steady, taking advantage of the cooler conditions on the pine laden lower folds of the mountain, then accelerating as the opposition tired on the steeper gradients. All the NOMEN from 1-8 left everything out there as a swathe of gold soared up the Giau, taking the stage and an overall Trois Etapes Giro victory for the team, banishing the memories of disappointment in 2014.

Huge thanks go to Ben, Justin, Tomas, Colin, James, Alistair, Tristan and Liam for their incredible efforts over the past few months, not only to give their all on the climbs of the Dolomites, but also to raise awareness and funds to save lives from cancer. We are greatly indebted.


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