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WHO advise that boys should also be protected against HPV

Yesterday, the World Health Organisation (WHO) advised that boys should also be prioritised for vaccination against HPV.

WHO's inclusion of boys is a critical step towards our goal of the global elimination of HPV cancers. This advice from WHO is a literal shot in the arm for our efforts.

For a decade, NOMAN has advocated for gender neutral HPV vaccination. From securing jabs for the boys in the USA, and the United Kingdom, to our existing efforts with the European HPV Action Network to secure commitments in the EU Beating Cancer Plan, today's statement from the WHO is testament to our efforts, and made possible only through your support.

Our next steps will be to:

- Ensure the routine vaccination of boys as well as girls in countries with female-only vaccination programmes.

- Solve the feasibility issue which limits countries from protecting their children against HPV.

There is still work to be done to make this recommendation into a reality. But this news is much welcomed, and another step towards a future free from HPV cancers.

Thank you for your belief in our mission.

David Winterflood



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