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2022: In Review

In 2022, your dedication to ending preventable cancers led to the achievement of significant milestones.

The progress made in 2022 built upon the solid foundation of previous years by creating new resources and support for community members, forming new stakeholder coalitions in HPV communities, and involving more people in cancer prevention efforts. Specific highlights include seeding the first-ever country-by-country report on HPV prevention in Europe, launching and co-chairing the new HPV Coalition in the UK alongside Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust, and beginning work on pilot projects in Romania and Bulgaria to develop multi-organisation advocacy campaigns as part of the 'Action Now on HPV' project to end HPV cancers.

We would like to express our gratitude and showcase the accomplishments of 2022 in our mission to end 5% of all cancer, which we are able to achieve thanks to your invaluable support.

Eliminating HPV cancers in Europe

Three years ago we partnered with the European Cancer Organisation to work in coalition to eliminate HPV cancers in the WHO European Region through the HPV Action Network. 2022 has been yet another year in which the consortium has taken significant steps towards this goal.

In 2022 we:

  • Published an umbrella review of interventions used to improve HPV vaccine uptake in children, adolescents and young adults. The results were also published in a paper in the journal STI.

  • Started work on pilot projects in Romania and Bulgaria to develop multi-organisation advocacy campaigns as part of the Action Now on HPV project.

  • Commissioned ‘HPV Changemakers’ to highlight the personal stories of individuals who have successfully made the case for change in the field of HPV cancer elimination.

  • Successfully applied for EU4Health funding for the two-year PROTECT-EUROPE project which will focus on increasing HPV vaccination uptake in EU member states.

  • Responded to the WHO Europe consultation on its Roadmap for the elimination of cervical cancer and made the case for wider action in a presentation to the WHO Europe Regional Committee meeting in

In 2023 we will build on the momentum created by Europe's Beating Cancer Plan and the WHO's Cervical Cancer Elimination Strategy.

The HPV Action Network

Provided funds to seed the first-ever report on HPV Prevention in Europe

‘Putting HPV on the Map: The State of HPV Prevention Programmes in the WHO European Region’, published during European Immunisation Week, examines the state of HPV prevention across WHO Europe.

Supported by a grant from NOMAN is an Island, European Cancer Organisation’s Action Now on HPV project aims to support the implementation of effective vaccination and screening by identifying current policy, practice, implementation, and gaps in the delivery of HPV vaccination programmes and screening across WHO Europe.

This data collection and analysis will in turn inform our strategy to implement change in the region; identifying the countries in which we can support and encourage HPV advocacy, and in turn build towards the elimination of HPV related diseases.

Read the ‘Putting HPV on the map’ report

Launched and co-chaired the new HPV Coalition in the United Kingdom.